Downloading and Creating system archives

Downloading and Creating system archives

NetYCE system is backed up in two files named
  1. YCE archive
  2. Backup(NCCM) archive
With these two files we can restore the system back to its previous state.  Or we can replicate the system.
This article is about creating, downloading the archive.

Steps to download backup archives via GUI

Downloading Backups archive:
(1) Admin -> System -> Backup Archives  -> (2) (Select the top file for the latest backup) -> (3) download

Downloading YCE Archive:
Admin -> System -> YCE Archives -> (2) (Select the top file for the latest backup) -> (3) download

To download these files via CLI: 

These files are stored in the path /var/opt/yce/backup/ and can be downloaded via scp/tftp/ftp.

Create a backup and YCE Archive:

In case if there are changes done to the system post backups, we may have to create new YCE archive and Backups archive.
(1) Admin -> System -> Yce archives -> (2) Create archive -> (3) Start archive -> (4) OK -> (5) Return

There will be prompt to confirm for the SHUTDOWN the database for a minute

This creates the YCE database archive in couple of minutes.  Click (5) Return to download page

Following similar steps under Admin -> System -> Backups archives we can create latest Backups Archive

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