Getting Started with Config Management

Getting Started with Config Management

In this article we shall understand how to set up configuration backup.

Pre-requisites: Nodes or devices are added to the database.  Refer to the article Adding Nodes if not done.

Backup is configured for a group of nodes called Polling groups.  Polling group is either a group of Nodes or Node groups. Polling groups are created under (1) Backups -> (2) Options -> Polling Groups

Below is an example as to how we setup all the nodes for the configuration management.

This is done using a Node group called “All_nodes”.

Creating a Polling group:

Create -> (1) Name: All nodes -> (2) Group name: All_nodes -> (3) select right arrow (4) Save

That's it!! So we have set up the configuration backup for all our nodes.  

It's a dynamic group that updates as and when new nodes are added or deleted.  It does a configuration backup everyday.

Customizable options:

Below are the customizable options that are available while creating a polling group.

Next poll interval: This is as to how often configs are backed up and is customizable (Default is 1day)

Max tries: The number of times NetYCE Backups should attempt before halting the polling.  (Default is 3)

Type:  Available options:

  • Node Groups(Default): We can select the node groups that are to be added to the polling group. There are default node groups based on vendors.  

    • For example: Cisco_IOS group would add all the Cisco IOS Nodes to the polling group.

  • Nodes: If we wanted to add specific nodes, we can select this option.

Viewing the config:

  1. Backups -> 2)  Search for the node-> 3) Configs

This would popup a window that has a configuration of the device as below.  

Select the current (1) year-month and the (2) top-most entry to get the latest configuration file. This displays the configuration(3) based on the selection as below

Forcing a configuration backup:

If we want to force a configuration backup outside the scheduler window, we can do that as below:

(1)Backups -> (2)Select the node-> (3)Backup Now

The new node would show up in the Poller cycle as below:

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