Hardware sizing requirements

Hardware sizing requirements

NetYCE is very light software and needs very moderate hardware requirements.
Sizing mainly depends on either the number of nodes or number of jobs executed per day.

Sizing for complete setup:

This is for High availability setup, 2 (DB) servers.
Nodes or ServicesFeaturesmax Jobs per dayCompliance includedvCPUMemory (Gb)Disk (Gb)
1000 - 2500CMDB/YCE nodes/jobs/Backups1000no24500G
2000 - 7000YCE nodes/jobs/Backups2000Yes48500G
6000 - 12000YCE nodes/jobs/Backups2000Yes48500G
8000 - 15000YCE nodes/jobs/Backups2500Yes88500G
14000 - 35000YCE nodes/jobs/Backups3000Yes1216500G
30000 - 50000YCE nodes/jobs/Backups4000Yes12161000G
High volume
8000 - 15000YCE nodes/jobs/Backups6000Yes1216500G
14000 - 35000YCE nodes/jobs/Backups6000Yes12241000G
30000 - 50000YCE nodes/jobs/Backups6000Yes12322000G

Sizing for Compliance dedicated servers:

In case if we are planning to offload compliance from the regular setup and have dedicated servers for Compliance below are the requirements:
Nodes or ServicesFeaturesmax Jobs per dayCompliance includedvCPUMemory (Gb)Disk (Gb)