How to track changes

How to track changes

      Tracking changes is a very handy feature in troubleshooting incidents or tracking changes.

      Below are the steps on how to track changes between two latest versions.

  1. Backups -> 2) Hostname(search for the name) -> 3) configs

This would popup a window that has a configuration of the device as below.  

There are two sets of dates.  

On the left side, select the current (1) year-month and bottom to that select the (2) top-most entry to get the latest configuration file. 

Perform similar steps on the right side list of dates, select the current year-month(3) and the (4) second entry 

LInes highlighted (5) and (6) gives us the information as to what changed between the two versions.

Zooming the (2) we see as below..

Below  that gives more information about the change.

The Polltime, when was the polling done

The Operator who performed the change.

The Cause, Hostname and the Saved Job name.

The JobID that had triggered the change.

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