How to verify and update NetYCE software

How to verify and update NetYCE software


On a regular basis, there will be upgrades to the netYCE software. The upgrade can be done through the web interface.

Download the latest distribution from here

Steps to check the software version

Below are the steps to check for the NetYCE software version

(1) Admin -> (2) System -> (3)  System status -> Scroll the page to the section (4) Database status under which YCE server revision info gives the version number.  In this case it is 8.0.0

Upgrade process

Upgrading will shutdown the database. Be sure there are no users active

  1. Go to (1) Admin -> (2) System -> (3) System Status

  2. Click the (4) Full report checkbox 

    1. In case of cluster deployment, click the servername for which the report should be generated.  Ignore in case of standalone deployment as in this case.

  1. Scroll down to the (5) YCE Software section and find (6) Upload and install YCE version update

  2. Click (7) Choose file, find and select the NetYCE distribution file and click (8)Install YCE distribution

Patiently wait until the install file gets uploaded, installed and the System page is completed. The install usually takes about a minute.  Below an example of this process


  • In case of cluster deployment, repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 for each netYCE server in the list.

  • Be sure to reload the netYCE web interface after the update.

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