License install/update

License install/update

License can be updated via GUI or CLI.  Incase if front-end is not accessible due to license expiry then we have to update it via CLI.

Update using GUI

Accessing license info

(1) Admin -> System -> System Status -> (2) Full report
Scroll down to Current license info to access the license information.

Updating/Installing License

To install the license under License upload  click on (1) Choose file (Browse and select the file to upload) -> (2) Upload license file will install the license.

Update using CLI

Access CLI via username 'yce'. The license file can be access as below:
go etc
yce_license is the intended file.

License can be updated either of the ways below:
  1. Either replace the yce_license file with the new file
  1. Change its contents with a file editor to reflect as the new license file.(Ensure to have all  text including '#' comments.)

To have this picked up immediately restart the skulker process as below.
go restart skulker

Validate the results via GUI.

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