Netpicker - Local Installation Guide

Netpicker - Local Installation Guide

This guide provides step-by-step instructions to install Netpicker, the nextgen network validation tool, on a jump host without internet access. A jump host with network connectivity to the target network devices is required.


  • A machine with internet access (to download images and transfer them to the jump host).
  • A jump host with Docker (preferred) or Podman installed.
  • podman-compose (if using Podman).
  • If using podman-compose, it needs to be installed using pip3.

Step 1: Downloading Docker Images

On the machine with internet access, use the following commands to pull the required Docker images: (If you're using Podman instead of Docker, replace docker with podman in the commands.)

docker login

(Ask support for login details)

docker pull
docker pull
docker pull
docker pull
docker pull
docker pull mongo:4
docker pull redis:7-alpine
docker pull swaggerapi/swagger-ui

Step 2: Saving Docker Images

After pulling the images, save them into tar files:

docker save -o api.tar
docker save -o gitd.tar
docker save -o tester-frontend.tar
docker save -o kibbitzer.tar
docker save -o netyce-agent.tar
docker save mongo:4 -o mongo.tar
docker save redis:7-alpine -o redis.tar
docker save swaggerapi/swagger-ui -o swagger-ui.tar

Step 3: Transfer Images to Jump Host

Transfer all the \*.tar files and the podman-compose.yaml file to your jump host using your preferred method (e.g., SCP, USB drive).

Step 4: Loading Docker Images on Jump Host

On the jump host, load the Docker images:

docker load -i api.tar
docker load -i gitd.tar
docker load -i tester-frontend.tar
docker load -i kibbitzer.tar
docker load -i netyce-agent.tar
docker load -i mongo.tar
docker load -i redis.tar
docker load -i swagger-ui.tar

Step 5: Install podman-compose (Optional)

If Docker is not installed on the jump host and you prefer using Podman and podman-compose, install podman-compose using pip3:

pip3 install podman-compose

Step 6: Running Netpicker

With the images loaded on the jump host, you can start Netpicker using Docker Compose or podman-compose.

For Docker:

docker compose -d -f podman-compose.yaml up

For podman-compose:

podman-compose -f podman-compose.yaml up -d

Then, create a local user by running:

podman exec -ti api create-user


After completing the steps above, Netpicker should be up and running on your jump host. You can reach it by going to http://localhost/ in your browser.

Make sure the jump host can reach the network devices it needs to manage. If you encounter any issues during installation, consult the troubleshooting guide or contact support for assistance.