OS Repository

OS Repository


OS repository allows us to manage the OS images and other files(license, bootfile) that are used for OS Upgrades.  It can be accessed going to
(1) Build -> (2) OS Repository


Steps to add new image 
(1) Build -> OS repository -> (2) Create -> (3) OS name -> (4) Vendor type -> (5) Select the Device type -> (6) Save
This would create an entry in the OS Form

Editing the entry added
Status: Production
(1) Create: To add the image.

Either select the file from the OS file name drop down or Upload a new file -> Save

Once the image is uploaded, the other values(md5, size, storage) are auto populated.

To add optional information click on "Show OS Image Details" 

Wiki article OS Repository gives more information about the fields in the GUI

Using it in Scenario

To access the files in the scenario, we would be using os_files scenario command.
We have to provide vendor type (-v) and device type (-t) to get the respective file.  

Below is example as to how the matching file name is retrieved.

Other values of the os file can be accessed in the scenario as below.  
(1) md5 -> To validate the md5 value after the transfer
(2) file_size -> Size of the file
(3) storage -> To check the minimum storage space required before transfer

Wiki article Retrieving OS-repository data for OS upgrades provides more information of using this in scenarios.